High Quality Video to DVD Conversion in Melbourne

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Video tape has a short lifespan. The fine tape and small moving parts are easily damaged by heat, cold, moisture or dust. It can lose its image or sound, and you can even damage it if you play it in your old VCR. You may already have noticed some deterioration from its original condition – for example, the image may appear to jump around, blur or skip.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can preserve your valuable, personal footage by arranging professional VCR to DVD conversion with us. We may even be able to subtly but powerfully improve the quality of the footage whilst copying videos to DVD using our professional equipment and software. Transferring videos to DVD may be much more affordable than you think, and a great investment in preserving anything from family history to corporate events. And if your home or business has already upgraded your AV equipment, it just makes sense to copy VCR to DVD along with it.

We use professional equipment to convert and transfer your footage

A video to DVD transfer requires the right professional-standard equipment along with close attention to detail to ensure quality and integrity. When we convert tapes to DVD at Audio Visual Solutions, we treat your footage as if they were our own recordings. To ensure the highest digital image quality our video transfer to DVD process includes film re-tensioning and image stabilisation.

As with all our copying and conversion services, the finished product will contain chapter points which will make it possible to quickly jump to different scenes within your footage. We also provide you with a hard library case complete with personalised label and custom designed sleeve to help you protect and organise your footage after video conversion to DVD.

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