Video to Digital

Get your videos transferred before it’s too late…

Video tape has a short lifespan. The fine tape and small moving parts are easily damaged by heat, cold, moisture or dust. It can lose its image or sound, and you can even damage it if you play it in your old VCR. You may already have noticed some deterioration from its original condition – the image may appear to jump around, blur or skip.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can preserve your valuable, personal footage by arranging professional VCR to DVD conversion with us. We may even be able to subtly but powerfully improve the quality of the footage whilst copying videos to DVD, using our professional equipment and software. Transferring your old video tapes to DVD may be much more affordable than you think, and a great investment in preserving anything from family history to corporate events. And if your home/premises has already upgraded your AV equipment, it just makes sense to copy VCR to DVD along with it.

We use professional equipment.

A video to DVD transfer requires the right professional-standard equipment, and close attention to detail for quality and integrity. When we convert tapes to DVD at Audio Visual Solutions, we treat your videos as if they were our own recordings. To ensure the highest digital image quality our video transfer to DVD process includes film re-tensioning and image stabilisation.

The finished product will contain chapter points which will make it possible to quickly jump to different scenes within your video. We also provide you with a hard library case, complete with personalised label and custom designed sleeve.

Film to Digital

It’s not too late…

Whilst some people believe that their films are too old or too brittle to be transferred to DVD, this is simply not true. Most often family films are stored in a box under the bed or in a wardrobe. This controlled environment preserves the footage, and slows their deterioration.

In the modern era, very few people have the equipment necessary to actually view footage stored on a film reel. Your precious memories are likely to stay packed away – essentially inaccessible. Over time, these reels deteriorate – making it difficult to view them even when the right equipment is available.

You can keep your films alive for even longer, and enjoy them much more easily, when you order a professional film conversion to DVD. Our unique value for money service is the ideal preservation method for historical footage, event recordings, and family films, to ensure future generations get an insight into the way things used to be.

We treat your films like our own.

All footage presented to us for transfer are cleaned then digitised using an image stabiliser and colour correction system. We create your DVD using professional computer software which includes chapter points for each individual reel. Your DVD is packaged into a hard library case with a personalised label and custom designed sleeve.

Photos & Slides to Digital

Photos, slides and negatives can be scanned at high resolution into digital files. These files can be re-printed and even enlarged to be enjoyed again.

Audio Cassette & Reel to Reel to Digital

Your audio cassettes and reel to reel audio tape can be converted to CD or digital files.

Photos to Digital

Images will last forever….

Your scanned photographs and slides will be burnt onto a data DVD in a jpeg format. You can then use these files to print your photos, email them, share on Facebook or manipulate them using a program like Adobe ® Photoshop ®.

Slideshow DVD

For an additional fee, we will put your images on a DVD-R which can be watched on your Television, through your DVD player. This slideshow, which can include titles, will show your pictures fading in and out slowly accompanied by music of your choice.

Professional Editing

Once your films and photos have been transferred to DVD we can professionally edit them to add music and titles. What a great way to further enhance those precious family memories.