Surgery and Medical Video from Melbourne’s Production Specialists

At Audio Visual Solutions, we have extensive experience when it comes to filming and producing medical and surgical procedures for those in the healthcare sector.

No matter how simple or complex the procedure is, our expert team will be able to capture it all on film. We can work with your team from start to finish, choosing a strategy and style that suits your specific needs and following it closely every step of the way. We take care of everything, from filming through to editing, to provide you with a highly polished and professional finished product that sends your message in a unique and compelling way.medical

Turn your handheld video into a professional production

Our surgery and medical video production services are suitable for the following purposes:

    • To educate patients, nurses and doctors about a particular procedure or product. Long term, this can save you both time and money, as a high quality video can be used for many years.
    • Promote your product or procedure. In some scenarios, it is beneficial to be able to show potential clients exactly what a product does, or what a certain procedure involves. A high quality video can do all of this, and more!


If you are searching for a company that offers high quality medical films and surgery video production in Melbourne, Audio Visual Solutions is your number one choice. We work within the relevant guidelines in order to ensure your video reflects your needs whilst remaining fully compliant. Thanks to our extensive experience in the media industry, we have refined our broad array of production techniques to a professional standard and create compelling visual pieces that engage target audiences with your message. From creative cinematography to clever editing, we have the skills to go above and beyond your expectations.

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